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Land Owners

Opportunity for Land Owners

Where existing communications towers or viable “co-location” sites (buildings, water towers, etc.) are unavailable, wireless carriers often seek appropriate sites available for the construction of new communications towers. Good sites are eagerly sought by carriers, often greatly increasing their value.

If you are the owner of open acreage that you feel may be right for such a tower, Torrecom will conduct a free evaluation of your site in order to assess it’s potential and value as the location of a tower. This evaluation will take into account the following criteria:

- Location
- Height potential
- Power supply
- Security
- Surrounding terrain
- Municipal restrictions

If your site meets certain basic requirements, we may conduct a detailed radio frequency propagation study in order to more accurately assess the location’s potential broadcast characteristics. This study is an important part of presenting your site to wireless carriers as a potential tower site.

Torrecom will then market your site to its extensive carrier relationships. This includes preparing specifications, directions, site photos, radio frequency propagation maps and site descriptions.

Torrecom coordinates the entire development process for the tower facility, from tower design and site preparation, through the local and state zoning approval process and tower construction.

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