Who we are

We are one of the largest developer, owner and operator of wireless communication sites in Latin America

Our Founders

Torrecom is supported by a management team with extensive experience and led by MCM and Indigo Capital.


- Wireless pioneer since 1961, founded in 1993, MCM managed or operated over 800 sites in the northeastern U.S. until the sale of its active portfolio in May of 2017 to SBA. Relaunched under MCM Communications. Based in Connecticut.

- Secured jointly with Indigo Capital over 1,000 SLB (Sale-Lease-Back) and BTS sites for Torres Unidas (JV with Berkshire Partners) in the Andean Region, sold to ATP in December of 2017.

- Co-founded of Communications Tower Group (CTG), a rapidly growing TowerCo in the US.

- Sold Message Center Beepers to Vodafone in 1995 (largest sale of privately-held paging co).

- Co-founded non-wireline carrier, Cellular Systems, Inc. now AT&T in New York City and NY3G 2.4 GHz spectrum sold to Sprint and other RF frequency aggregation strategies.

- Senior management with over 100 years of industry experience, and active member of WIA, NATE, WWLF, TowerXchange, among other organizations.

- Provided key support and know-how to CTG in MLA, SLA, SLB , BTS and GL negotiations as well as in site development, construction and overall operations.

- Co-founded with US$10.45 MM investment.

Indigo Capital

- 22-year old Latin American Private Equity firm with offices in NY and Mexico, more than US$2 billion in PE transactions, and experience includes over 45 transactions worth more than US$14 billion.

- Successful record of investing and growing companies, such as InverCap (now Mexico’s largest independent Afore with US$11 billion in AUM), Hoteles Prisma (now Fibra Inn, IPO March 2013), PASA (leading publicly traded waste services co.), Hidrocasanare (Colombian refinery), Wedderspoon Organic (leading Manuka honey brand), and others.

- Secured with MCM over 1,000 SLB and BTS sites for Torres Unidas, sold to ATP Dec 2017.

- Co-founded of Communications Tower Group, a rapidly growing TowerCo in the US.

- Senior management with more than 60 years of experience in finance and operations in Latin America; partners have worked together 27 years.

- Provided key support in opening new markets, managing high-level relationships, sourcing and negotiating M&A/SLB and BTS, securing debt and equity funding.

- Torrecom co-founder with US$10.65 MM investment.

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