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Social Responsability


Torrecom believes that environmental and social sustainability is a fundamental aspect of providing unparalleled quality to its customers and recognizes that Projects (as such term is defined in the Scope section of this document) that foster environmental and social sustainability rank among the highest priorities of its customers and the countries where it operates. Accordingly, Torrecom has drafted this Environmental and Social Management System Policy to encourage and ensure the implementation of certain environmental and social sustainability principles in its daily and long term endeavors.

For the purposes of this Policy and based on Performance Standards No.1, No. 2, and No. 3 of IFC’s Performance Standards on Environmental and Social Sustainability (2012 Edition) (hereinafter “IFC Standards”), the labor dimension encompasses compliance with labor standards and working conditions including occupational health and safety (“OHS”), meanwhile the social dimension includes community impacts and external queries such as public health, safety and security, gender equality, impacts on Indigenous Peoples and cultural heritage. Moreover, the environment aspect thereof covers regulatory compliance, energy consumption, waste management, and protection of sensitive and protected areas.


Torrecom, along with its shareholders, employees and executives, is committed to:

(a) promote environmentally and socially sound sustainable development when conducting construction and asset management activities in support of wireless and telecommunication infrastructure projects;

(b) accomplish the objectives set forth hereunder in this Policy.


Torrecom will meet its commitment to environmentally and socially sustainable development in its day-to-day operations by achieving the following objectives:

a) Labor and Working Conditions:

Comply with labor standard and regulations, including international treatises; honor collective bargaining agreements when applicable, and allow for workers’ organizations; foster a pleasant and prevent a hostile working environment; prohibit discriminatory activities in the workplace and promote equal opportunity for hiring, growth, compensation, and promotion; implement non-retaliation policies; prohibit child labor, indentured or forced labor; and ease termination effects.

b) External Queries and Concerns:

Foster open communication and grievance mechanism to encourage the proper dissemination of information, reception of concerns and complaints, and the resolution of possible conflicts or tensions with surrounding communities and constituents, like so respect Indigenous People’s rights and claims. Take affirmative steps to educate and address community concerns with electromagnetic radiation and other telecom infrastructures related uncertainties.

c) Environment:

Observe environmental laws and regulations; reduce emission and effluents; respect and avoid archeological sites and comply with applicable archeological rules, make an efficient use when consuming energy, water and raw materials; lower Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions; avoid productions and use of hazardous waste materials; recycle and reduce waste, and pursue environmentally friendly solutions when conducting or overseeing construction work and maintenance of Projects.

Summary of Procedures and Requirements

Based on IFC’s Standards and to achieve the aforementioned objectives, Torrecom plans to allocate resources of various kinds, as well as create capacities to:
 Disseminate and raise awareness about the social and environmental commitments expressed in this Policy.

 Periodically assess risks on a consistent basis to identify existing or potential negative environmental and social impacts, including those coming from concerns associated with archeological and protected sites.

 Develop appropriate strategies and execute actions to address said existing or potential negative impacts.

 Mainstream environmental and social sustainability considerations into all Torrecom activities.

 Identify key personnel responsible for the oversight and implementation of this Policy.

 Report the results of risk assessment, compliance reviews, related action plans, and disclosure of other relevant information.

 Develop mechanisms for emergency preparation, care and recovery, attention to external queries and grievance, taking into consideration stakeholders, and community relations, including Indigenous People.

In order for Torrecom to achieve its social and environmental objectives, Torrecom has developed the following seven procedures or activities and their corresponding action plans:
a) Awareness and Mainstreaming
b) Risk Assessment
c) Key Personnel & Monitoring
d) Response and Emergency Preparedness
e) Stakeholders and Community Relations
f) Geological and Archeological Procedure
g) Human Resources Policies and Procedures


In this Policy, the term “Project(s)” refers to the construction and management of telecommunication infrastructures in general, and not necessarily to a particular project or work assignment.

And while Torrecom primary business is the long-term management of telecommunication infrastructure in Latin America, not necessarily construction thereof, this Policy addresses IFC’s Performance Standards associated with both construction and telecom infrastructure management, as Torrecom is at times responsible for overseeing the construction of said infrastructures.

Also, Torrecom mostly outsources to third party contractors certain construction, engineering and maintenance operations. Nonetheless, as further stated below, Torrecom will seek from these third parties, adherence to this Policy and same Torrecom’s commitment made thereunder. Furthermore, while Torrecom strives to meet all IFC’s Performance Standards (as these are found in said standards), Torrecom, due to the nature of its business, will focus its efforts in meeting those standards and objectives found in Performance Standards 1, 2 & 3, respectively.

Of interest to Torrecom is to ensure that its stakeholders, in particular residents neighboring nearby Projects, are aware of the benefits associated with the Projects and are properly engaged.

Unless otherwise stated above, this Policy is not an express or implied obligation to meet any international conventions, or any corresponding law, nor does it provide any contractual or other rights to any party.
This Policy will be publicly available and a copy thereof will be posted on Torrecom’s website.

Effective Date and Revisions

This Policy is effective immediately and supersedes in its entirety any prior social and environmental policies previously in effect.

Revisions will be made periodically and/or when Risk Assessments are performed, or internal or external changes warrant said revisions.

When revisions take effect, Torrecom will distribute internally and to third party constituents electronically an updated version of the Policy along with an errata or explanation of the changes made.


Torrecom recognizes the importance of managing environmental and social issues throughout its Projects and business, and is committed to minimizing the environmental and social impacts of its operations and aims to achieve continual improvement in the management of said issues.


International Finance Corporation (IFC) Performance Standards (dated January 2012) (edición 2012)

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